How long will my order take?


We produce each order once received. Outside of holiday schedules, weekends, inclement weather, and special promotional sales, you can expect your order to leave our production facility within 3-5 business days. Add a few days for shipping- and you can expect your order in about 10-12 business days from order. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. 


Are your products manufacturer overseas?


Our items are NOT manufactured by International Artisan manufacturers. All of our quality products are designed, printed, and sewn together in the USA. 



Can my order be RUSHED  and received in as little as a week? 


Because we are located in the USA, we can accommodate RUSH orders, on most items- based on inventory availability. Please contact info@oceansofimages.com  (whatever our email is for the store) for more information. A RUSH order fee and overnight shipping charge is associated with this service.


How much is shipping?


Shipping is FREE during our “special” promotional events. Free Shipping promotions will be clearly marked on the check out page when in effect. Some items, such as large doormats, metal prints, and delicate clocks will necessitate an additional shipping fee, even during “free shipping” promotional events. These additional charges will always be listed. During, “non-free” shipping time frames, standard UPS ground shipping and packaging charges apply and will be determined at checkout. 


Can I return an apparel item?


Apparel returns are not accepted. Because all our items are printed upon order, we are unable to grant product returns unless the item arrived with a manufacturer defect. Ordering the incorrect size is not a valid reason for return. Printing variations is also not a valid reason for return. Please refer to our full RETURN POLICY listed on this website for details. Also, please refer to the very specific sizing charts to ensure you order the correct size. 


Do you ship overseas?


Yes - we’d love our products to be worn all over the world. Please note that international shipping charges will be in effect along with Customs fees. Please note, shipping charges do not include “Duty” fees. Also please note, item prices MIGHT reflect a different price than items on your initial receipt. Our fulfillment center marks items extremely low or classifies the items as gifts - all together in an effort to prevent tariffs and custom import duties and taxes that can become extremely costly for you in some countries.  Internationally shipped orders may take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive depending on destination. 


If my order had multiple items, will I get them at the same time?


If your order contains different items, they may arrive at different times. We strive to deliver your order to you as soon as possible. In some cases, you may receive items on different days. Don’t worry, we got ya covered and inform you of additional packages coming your way. 


Can I have my name printed on your products?


Yes! How cool is it to not only step out in your fashion leggings… but to have your custom name, company name, or favorite ocean message - stepping out with you. We can customize most of our products to meet your needs. Please contact info@oceansofimages.com to learn more about our custom services. Please note, additional fees and production time will be required for this service.


Can you design an apparel item with my photographs?


Yes! Rich does an amazing job capturing the oceans many creatures- but if you have the photo bug too and would like to feature your work on a fashion item- please give us a call. We offer full photography editing, design help, color matching and customization allowing you to show off your creative side. Contact: info@oceansofimages.com for more information. Please note, written copyright releases of any submitted work is required before acceptance of any work and additional production time and fees apply. 


Do you sell your items wholesale?


Yes. Please reach out to info@oceansofimages.com to learn about our selection process for wholesale accounts.  


Can I suggest an item for production?


Absolutely. We are always looking for your suggestions or design ideas. Our photography stock library has over 65,000 images from all corners of the world’s oceans. Love pygmy sea horses?  Mimic Octopuses?  Spinner Dolphins? Sea Lions? Trapezia crabs and lawnmower blennies?- send us your suggestions! We love to hear from our customers- submit your suggestion today. 


What is a “printing variation” that may occur on the all over printed t-shirts and Baby Onesie?


The dye sublimation process is a really cool way of transferring “HD” resolution photographic images to fabric. In this process the fabric may crease or fold. This crease or fold prevents the transfer of the image fully. This typically occurs on the side seams, under the sleeves and sometimes around the neckline. These minor variations result in a “white” area- usually very thin and hard to see. These variations are not a manufacturing defect and in no way detract from the design, performance or quality of our printed products. For examples of typical variations, please see the “Printing Process” tab. These variations are possible on our All Over T-shirts, Panel Print T-shirts and Baby Onesies, and less likely, on our blankets, scarves, wind fins and socks. They do not occur on our cut and sewn items.