Queen of the Angels - Solarized

Queen of the Angels - Solarized

Queen of the Angels - Solarized

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The leggings featured here in our Oceans of Images store are printed on 100% polyester using the dye sublimation printing method. Using dye sublimation it gives each item a photo quality print that will not wash out, fade, crack, or peel. Each item is printed on special release paper that holds the design in ink until it is heated and pressed. When the paper is under high pressure and heated it causes the printed inks to turn to a gas which allows it to release from the paper and transfer to the polyester material.

This process produces great results, but know that each item is printed and pressed by hand so each item is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Minor flaws in printing fabric may be seen along edges and creases. We strive to minimize as many of these, but know that they are not defects, but a part of the dye sublimation process. Printed items are not refundable due to white areas and/or creases as this is normal.

One of the most striking and curious angelfish on the reef, the Queen Angelfish (Holocanthus ciliaris) is recognized by her bright blue crown. Although juvenile queen angelfish go through several color shifts when maturing, they remain one of the most stunning fish on the reef. This Angel was shot in Thailand and seems to enjoy looking at her reflection in the camera lens.

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These 100% polyester custom printed leggings feature the beautiful image by Rich Howard of Jellyfish. Each pair of leggings feature the images of the Jellyfish and are printed on lightly stretchy polyester fabric. All of our leggings are hand printed and sewn in the USA! 

NOTICE: Artwork seen printed on the leggings on this site is simulated. Your actual printed leggings may vary due to size and material placement. The artwork is shown using LARGE leggings where we try to represent the finished product as closely as possible. No two printed leggings will be the same as each one is a one-of-a-kind wearable artwork. 

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