Stag Party on the Reef - BW

Stag Party on the Reef - BW

Stag Party on the Reef - BW

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Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis): This stoney coral is a building block of coral reefs. Threatened by disease, bleaching, rising water temperatures and ocean acidification, this coral is listed as an endangered species. There is good news out there however. Many marine conservation organizations are working towards re-planting staghorn coral that was raised in captivity. This is especially prevalent off the coast of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.Great Job!

We understand that purchasing apparel on line may be somewhat daunting. To help ensure you are completely happy with your apparel purchase we ask that you carefully read all the sizing information below. It soon became very apparent to us as we designed our fashion leggings and apparel - that humans- like fish- come in all shapes and sizes. As much as we would like to say these are guaranteed to fit… we simply can not. SO, in order to ensure you order the correct size, please see our sizing chart below. Our designs were based on average built men and women in the USA- which honestly folks..was still hard to determine. Best bet - grab a piece of string and a tape measure - (unless you have a seamstress tape measure in your kitchen junk drawer) take your measurements, refer to the item specific sizing charts below and then ORDER YOUR apparel.

Size S M L XL
Men 7-10 10-13 13-15 15-17
Women 7-9 10-12 13-14 15-16

The leggings featured here in our Oceans of Images store are printed on 100% polyester using the dye sublimation printing method. Using dye sublimation it gives each item a photo quality print that will not wash out, fade, crack, or peel. Each item is printed on special release paper that holds the design in ink until it is heated and pressed. When the paper is under high pressure and heated it causes the printed inks to turn to a gas which allows it to release from the paper and transfer to the polyester material.

This process produces great results, but know that each item is printed and pressed by hand so each item is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Minor flaws in printing fabric may be seen along edges and creases. We strive to minimize as many of these, but know that they are not defects, but a part of the dye sublimation process. Printed items are not refundable due to white areas and/or creases as this is normal.

We are so happy you have decided to purchase a FishAtude item, we want to ensure you know exactly how to take care of it so you may enjoy it for years to come. There is no need to feed your FishAtude item, and all of our FishAtude apparel/blankets are machine washable, with like colors, in warm water, without fabric softener or bleach. You may toss your apparel in the dryer, under low heat to ensure the very best care for your item. Please do not iron, dry clean or expose your apparel to extreme heat and be sure to wash "delicate" items (Sheer Scarves, Sheer Sarongs, Tasseled Scarves) in a zippered, WASH BAG, before tossing them into your machine washer. (You know, a Wash Bag is a mesh bag, about 10” square- that usually zippers shut - that you put your bra’s and intimates into so they don’t get squished and your bra hooks don’t get torqued in the washing machine.)  With the advanced printing technique of all FishAtude apparel and linens, we are happy to say your apparel will not fade or lose its color over time. 

Featuring stunning underwater imagery these fashion leggings are sure to impress. What can be more fun than walking around with clownfish stuck to your thighs? Constructed of a medium (almost heavy) weight polyester/spandex fabric blend, our machine washable, low heat dryer - easy care, fashion leggings are perfect for taking the dog for a walk, trips the grocery store, dinner out with friends, as a bathing suit- cover-up while on a boat, attending class, binge-watching Netflix on the couch, meeting your in-laws, heading out for a leisurely bike ride, visiting your favorite public aquarium and just about anything you would feel comfortable wearing fashion leggings for. With our high tech printing process, your leggings will not fade or lose their vibrancy. We enthusiastically encourage our customers to start posting their images of where they wear their FishAtude fashion leggings for all to see. For best fit, please refer to the Size Information tab before selecting your legging size. Also, be sure to read the Care Instructions guide to ensure your FishAtude item brings enjoyment for years to come.   

Now for all our athletically inclined, super iron men & women, triathlon loving, hardcore yoga gurus, pilates contortionists, rock climbing, endurance running enthusiasts out there… who may be seeking moisture wicking, bacterial killing, python-level compression, competitive, anti-aircraft athletic wear...that will shape your backside to perfectly match our "digital legging models" pictured above as well as shave 2 minutes off your mile running pace. We are 100% comfortable in confidently, without hesitation, stating our leggings are, in fact, fashion leggings. Don't get me wrong, we love wearing our leggings for recreational jogging, Jazzercise, hiking, walking, snorkeling, diving, running to the bank, running agility courses with our doodle and pulling weeds the yard, but these leggings were designed as fashion leggings. Depending on your body type, fit and the legging design- they may or may not live up to your bend over test expectations. Our fashion leggings are made of a medium, bordering on heavyweight fabric, and in no way can be classified as thin and transparent. They are, however, not designed as hardcore athletic wear. But wait, there is more - HOLD ON!  Due to the enormous number of requests to offer an athletically designed work-out legging (& Yoga Pant) suitable for hardcore work-outs, we are happy to say our Athletic Legging & Yoga Pant line is coming soon. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you do not miss the launch of our new "Athletic" line. In the meantime, be sure to order your fashion leggings now - because we know, you can't work out 100% of the time.- or can you? P.S.- Thank you to my sister in law, Shari,- a yoga guru who informed us about the "Bend Over Test". 

These 100% polyester custom printed leggings feature the beautiful image by Rich Howard of a Blue Clam. Each pair of leggings feature the image of the Blue Clam and are printed on lightly stretchy polyester fabric. All of our leggings are hand printed and sewn in the USA! 

NOTICE: Artwork seen printed on the leggings on this site is simulated. Your actual printed leggings may vary due to size and material placement. The artwork is shown using LARGE leggings where we try to represent the finished product as closely as possible. No two printed leggings will be the same as each one is a one-of-a-kind wearable artwork. 

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